Mamax (Margarete Jahrmann and Max Moswitzer), 1995

At the virtual training field of this hybrid CD-ROM we can combine/compose images, text, music into a special kind of Gesamtkunstwerk from samplings of video, poetry, radio, television, hypervideo, 3D images and animation, screen design, as well as, prototypes of internet pages. "Save your own version", Mamax calls upon us since from now on the user is the artist; "THERE ARE NO MORE ARTISTS (in the traditional sense of the word)! The creation of medial surfaces has become individualized, art has been replaced by individuality, and dialogue by interaction, or polylogue".

Do not let us be misled by the rigour of theory; after all, Golden Frisbee is a game! The three basic menus enable us to write a story by filling the empty spaces of a comic strip (personal comic); to watch images and videos (personal images), draw pictures, and compose music in the rooms of the virtual museum stretched out like a plan; and finally, to combine symbolic surfaces with hyperlinks (personal surfaces) in order to create our own version of Golden Frisbee – that is the personal version, or the personal interface, since it is all personal. With this hybrid CD-ROM of multimedia samplings, Mamax propagates the new trend of personal media art through making us work with multimedia – with its elements, softwares and technology, as well as, hypertext linkage – without requiring a deeper understanding of the whole field. With a bit of irony, we might call this hybrid a pre-cooked Uncle Ben's package.Well, get going! Time to start concocting but let us not forget to save the result!