Installation Project 98 · Installáció Projekt 98

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(1) How long have you been making installations?

Since 1989.

(2) Why did you choose to make installations and not anything else?

Installations mirror the ephemeral quality of human life (time and space). Likewise, they are ideally suited to creative investigations of form and process.

(3) What do you think of your own works?

My installation work avoids acts of closure as it is concerned with the conundrums of human perceptions and communications. Therefore, it embraces the viewer, listener and reader as an essential component in the immediate creative act.

(4) What do you think the difference is between your own work and other installations?

I am interested in form and process as they relate to human perceptions, self expression is secondary!

(5) What do you think of the relationship of traditional artwork and installation?

Traditional works of art support fetishism and commodity exchange, installations should be ephemeral, their inherent context should change within each given site (location) and with each and every viewer.

(6) What is the size and material of an installation determined by?

Local conditions prevail (geography, economics, culture and history).

(7) Could you mention the installation you consider to be the largest and the smallest one?

Largest - 25' by 18" by 12', smallest 2" by 4" by 1".

(8) Is there any object or idea that cannot be installed?


(9) How does environment affect the installation of the work?


(10) Do you know any fact that restricts the possibilities of installation?

Local conditions prevail (geography, economics, culture and history).

(11) Do you like making installation for order or at request?


(12) What do you think of preserving an installation?

It depends on the installation.

(13) Can the value of an installation be estimated and how?

Are we talking about value in $, if so, then one could say that in the value of an installation in this period of late-capitalism is whatever the art market can bare. However, I must confess that the ongoing between money and art mystifies me.

(14) How does copyright apply to installations preserved only in documents?

To the best of my knowledge extensive documentation is the only way to safe guard copyright.

(16) Your questions, if there is any, and your answers to them.