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Pages from the catalog of the show
Nuove cartoline. Cartoline postali di ieri e di oggi in un’ottica d’avanguardia,
Savelli Editori, 1981, p. 79


Work by Wassily Kandinsky

Works by K. Burkhardt, Biassoni, Cartes Betes et Méchantes, Y. Yacoel

Works by F. Deventer and other unknown artists

Works by R. Pérot, P. Jeudy, G. Deisler, J. M. Folon

Works by Balmes, Hanefi Yeter, Klaus Staeck, Ch. Mathey

Works by E. Pignon Ernest, Joseph Beuys, Yoshy, P. Bruscky, Anna Banana – Bill Gaglione

Works by J. vallane, G. A. Cavellini, Gábor Tóth, G. Di Crola, Gina Pane

Works by Luis, C. Ranson, Ben Vautier, Sol Lewitt, Robert Rehfeldt, Tony Bradley

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