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Artist’s Match Books & Boxes
The Mail Box Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, p. 28 (Ed. by Larry D. Smith)

List of Participants
Call for the show


List of Participants


Works by Steven Balkin, Vittore Baroni, John M. Bennett, Mario Barillo, Nenad Bogdanovic

Works by Edgar Allen Bushmiller, Kocar Cestmir, Xavier Canals

Works by Wayne Chubin, Cracker Jack Kid, Ron Crowcroft, Pep Costa

Works by Creative Thing, Emil Daley, Robin Crozier

Works by Charles Francois, Ubaldo Giacomucci, Klaus Groh

Works by E. F. Higgins III, Ray Johnson, Nic Holc-Thompson, Birger Jesch

Works by G. X. Jupitter-Larsen, Jürgen Kierspel, Craig Krug, Harry Krug

Works by Harald Kubiczak, Jacques Lizene, Ruggero Maggi

Works by Federica Manfredini, Michael Mollett, Mick Mather, Richard Meade

Works by Henning Mittendorf, Joe Moran, George Myers

Works by Larry D. Smith, Norbert Tefelski, B. J. Tisa, Seele Verlag

Works by Carlos Trindade, R. Urso, Emmett Walsh


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