Mail Art Chro No Logy

Some pages from the periodical
Le Timbré
Levallois Perret, France, (Ed. by Daniel Daligand)

No. 1, No. 4, No. ? L’Art Plastique, No. 9

Issue No. 1


Introduction & Contents

Issue No. 4



Calls (for other Mail Art projects) by Patrizia Caligaris, Ruggero Maggi, Hans Ruedi Fricker, Bruno Baccelli, Galántai György, Civico Instituto Genova, Nada Post, Vittore Baroni

Issue No. ? L’Art Plastique


Call (for World Convention of Visual Poetry) by Bruno Chiarlone (Workarea); Text (World Convention of Visual Poetry) by Bruno Chiarlone

Letter to Dr. Ronny Cohen by Cracker Jack Kid. On the occasion of the ominous Mail Art Then and Now exhibition organized by the former at Franklin Furnace. See full documentation of this event at Mark Bloch’s site

Call (for 1984 – What is the future we are looking for?) by Colectivo-3 & Statement by Daniel Daligand why he is not publishing addresses anymore

Issue No. 9



Work by Ruggero Maggi

Calls by Inter-Dada, Bernd Löbach, Jorge Orta, Manuel E. Montella, Mariapia Fanna Roncoroni, Collective Art Technology, Tom Pack, David Weinberg & work by Luis

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