Mail Art Chro No Logy

Some pages from the bookwork
500 Marxist Cells
Perneczky Géza, Köln, Germany, 1983, 5 p., A6

Some pages from the catalog
Mail Art Project Marx-Test 1983
Soft Geometry, Köln, Germany, 2010, A4, 16 p., hand numbered: 20/20 (both in English and in German)

List of Participants

Bookwork cover (numbered envelope) & additional rubber stamped flyers

Work by Géza Perneczky

Description of the project

Rubber stamped material for the recipients

Mail Art Project Marx-Test 1983


Report about the project Marx Test by Géza Perneczky (facsimile of the 1983 report)

List of Participants

Works by Peter Kaufman, Dogfish (Robert C. Rudine), Pat Fish, Steen Moller Rassmussen

Works by Birger Jesch, Montserat C. Bacaria, Ko de Jonge, Guy Bleus, Robert Rockola, Mogens Otto Nielsen

The original bookwork as attachment to the Catalog

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