lectures-events and exhibition at Artpool P60

(Budapest VI., Paulay E. u. 60.)

program for 8 November 2006

8 November 2006 from 4 p.m. – COLETTE & GÜNTHER RUCH (Geneva, Switzerland)

parallel screenings of video-documents
16:00 and 17:10 – “DIRECT” (filmdocument from 1995 /produced as DVD in 2006/, 20 min) related to a one-week “non-stop event” in Geneva / with participation of five networkers from five countries (J. N. László, D. McIntosh, J. O. Olbrich, G. Ruch, W. Tietz)

16:20 and 17:30 – “A L’ECART” (filmdocument from 1977 /produced as DVD in 2004/, 47 min)
A documentary (S-8) in 2 parts
part 1: about the group “écart” and their work in Geneva (with visitors like Giuseppe Chiari or Endre Tot)
part 2: a two-days event in the “théâtre de Vidy”, Lausanne, about D. Higgins’ “Clown’s way” (300 acts), performed by the group “Ecart”

16:00, 16:50 and 17:40 – “Z-COMME RESEAUX” (filmdocument from 1994 /produced as VHS-PAL/, 30 min) made by “terminal image” Paris, (Mielle & Elrik) 1994, for the french television “canal plus”, with filmmaterials from around 40 networkers, among them Ryosuke Cohen, John Held Jr., Guy Bleus, Genesis P. Orridge, Günther Ruch, Istvan Kantor, Clemente Padin, The Subgenius Foundation, Bikini Girl, Luc Fierens, Piermario Ciani, and others)

16:30, 17:20 és 18:10 – “MAIL-PERFORMANCE-FAX-PROJECT” (filmdocument from 1994 /VHS-PAL/, 18 min), produced by swiss PTT-museum, Bern, A telephone-, fax-, performance-action with filmed documents of H. R. Fricker, M. V. Stirnemann, G. Ruch (presented in 1994 by the swiss TV “DRS”)

18:30–19:00Colette & Günther Ruch
“COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS – LIVE DOCUMENTS”, “SOUND & MAILBOX” (soundaction/ microphone/ 2 persons/ time: 30 min), a network-poetry enclosing minimal-texts from Dick Higgins / Ray Johnson / Richard Kostelanetz / Mark Bloch / Julien Blaine / Ulises Carrión / Robin Crozier / Guillermo Deisler / Rod Summers / Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt / Fernando Aguiar / Jiri Valoch / Wlademir Dias-Pino / Lucien Suel / Jürgen Olbrich / and many others, with a short introductory lecture about the development of worldwide congresses in the eighties

8 November 2006 from 7 p.m. – PETER KÜSTERMANN (Minden, Germany)
Lecture with slide show about the life story of this polyglottal cosmopolitan: how the Decentralized Networker Congresses (DNCs) got him a world champion’s title from the Guinness Book of Records under his artists name Peter Netmail. In his uniform as travelling artpostman, Peter describes his networking activities as mailartist, author, painter, performance artist, filmer, art critic, gallerist, and festival organizer at a Culture Centre in an old church building in Germany. His hometown Minden meanwhile prides itself of being a “Mekka of Mailart”. Peter brings his multilingual handmade books from the backpack and color catalogs in mixed media about the worldwide DNCs from 1986 on and other art projects.

The videos are in English, French or German, lectures in English