15 August 1972

Péter Türk: Question Mark Experiments, Obsolescence Action.
György Galántai: Sign action.

Péter Türk: Question Mark Experiments 15 August 1972

“We took photos of Türk’s question marks and made them into slides, outdoors and indoors.

Question marks: 1. straight on the road, 2. turning off the road, 3. through a man (Türk) lying on the road. 1. Turned upside down on a Cross (then on the Cross, which is turned upside down), 2. on a slanting gravestone, 3. In a line on the chapel’s vaults, from left to right, 4. in a cluster?”

Péter Türk: Obsolescence Action 15 August 1972

Türk glued X signs on the ground on both sides of the threshold and added the following text to them: “Timed X. Glued on objects and things, it comes into effect after they are worn away and become obsolete. It itself expires in the moment of coming into effect. P. T. 1972”
(György Galántai’s diary entry)

26-27 August 1972 - A meeting of Czech, Slovak and Hungarian artists organized by László Beke.