21 July 1973 - Performaces by István Kovács Studio and László Najmányi (A Friendly Treatment), and actions by Tibor Hajas.

Participants: Katalin Eperjessy, Eszter Kígyós, György Magos, Sándor Murányi, László Najmányi, Gyöngyi Orsós, Tamás Papp, István Puskás, László Rajk, Éva Sándor, Béla Surik, Zsuzsa Szűcs, András Tóth, Gábor Ulveczki, Ottilia Varsányi.

László Najmányi in “Friendly Treatment” performance /photo: Júlia Veres/

The public during the happening of Tibor Hajas and István Kovács Studio /photo: András Tóth/

happening of Tibor Hajas /photo: Júlia Veres/

(Guest-Book Entry by Miklós Haraszti about Tibor Hajas's event)

I am sorry that I am the first to write a note here, but as I see, there are no notices yet of tonight’s events, so I have to announce (and then immediately praise)

Tibor Hajas’s

The audience tried to get over itself almost heroically, so there were only a few snobbish sighs and bothering guffaws. The tying together of the participants and the text read out formed a good union (closed by the burning of the ties). The previous net game had been external compared to this block. The event-creator (Tibor Hajas) was shaking with nervousness. One has to think of the tension of the text and the ties to be burned subsequently even after the event. Everyone considered themselves positive because they were tied up, and it’s a question how many were offended (those were the ones who felt really good) by being called upon to burn the ties in an exemplary way.
21st July, 1973. Miklós Haraszti

22-28 July 1973 - Exhibition of Pécsi Műhely/Pécs Workshop (Ferenc Ficzek, Károly Kismányoky, Károly Halász, Sándor Pinczehelyi, Kálmán Szíjártó)