19-25 August 1973 - “Szövegek/Texts” - The first international exhibition of visual experimental poetry (organised by Dóra Maurer and Gábor Tóth)

19 August 1973 - Concrete Poetry actions: Tibor Gáyor “FIRE/ICE” and Dóra Maurer “Hommage à Tristan Tzara

Dóra MAURER - Hommage à Tristan Tzara

“Back then polystyrene, the white foamed substance was called ‘hungarocell’. I cut random letters out of it and scattered them around the chapel. Every letter had an inscription on it saying the person who finds it should bring it back to the chapel. Well, one or two letters were returned but the aim of the project was to put the letters up in the order they were brought back in and end up with a text or even words that made no sense. I don’t remember exactly if the letters I scattered were originally from an intelligible text. In any case, I walked and scattered the letters about and Galántai walked with me taking photos of it.” (Interview with Dóra Mauer, 1998)

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