Art Research Center
Art periodicals of alternative culture in Hungary in the 1980s
selection from the Artpool collection

AL (Aktuális Levél, Artpool Letter)
No. 1–11, 1983–1985
Edited and published by György Galántai – Julia Klaniczay (Artpool)

No. 1–11, 1983­­–1988
Edited by Sebeő Talán

Dokumentum (catalogue / periodical)
No. 1–4, 1979–1982
Edited by Antal Jokesz

Publications by Inconnu Group
   Hard Magazin, 1979
   Retrospect, 1984
   Inconnu Press, Alkalmi Eseményújság, 1986
Edited by Inconnu Group

Medium – Art
No. 1–4, 1985–1986
Edited and published by András Petőcz 

No. 1–4, 1985–1986
Responsible editor: Júlia Lévai. Published by Lapkiadó Vállalat

Sznob International
6 issues, 1981–1985
Edited and published by Tamás Pap

Új hölgyfutár Revue
No. 0/1–6, 1987–1989
Edited by Endre Szkárosi

Világnézettségi Magazin
No. 1–7, 1984–1985
Edited and published by Hejettes Szomlyazók [Substitute Thirsters]



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