Art Research Center
Poetry and Performance – The Eastern European Perspective
Exhibition at Kassák Museum

The exhibition material was gathered in the course of research at the University of Zurich between 2017 and 2020 on Eastern European performance art.

The international exhibition series Poetry and Performance – The Eastern European Perspective gives space to a distinctive range of artistic approaches that confront authoritarian systems, presenting art works from a historical perspective but also exploring how the potential inherent in the relationship between poetry and performance has repeatedly taken on significance in countries going through social and political crises, especially in this region. The exhibition presents photographs, text scores, interactive objects, audio and video recordings, films and performance documents of unique but interrelated works from countries of the region. It illuminates the context of work by artists from the subcultures of former socialist states and highlights some of the contemporary positions that seek ways of escaping from the vice of controlled language and normative communication patterns.


Curators: Tomáš Glanc, Sabine Hänsgen, Emese Kürti

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