Subject: a bit of dialogue: per chance
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 11:30:40 -0400
From: “David Cole” <ColeD@Mail.Montclair.edu>
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Organization: Montclair State University
To: “galantai, g & j” <artpool@artpool.hu>

I have already sent 2 pieces to you via regular mail on the chance-future topic. Betty Danon has also received this invitation and she and i have just begun discussing it.

Betty to David:

As to the Galantai's Chance Future project I've been thinking he intends the part of chancefulness and fortuity in our lives that determines our future in spite of ourselves and intervenes determining others' future as well. For ex they say “Si le nez de Cléopatre était moins long la face du monde aurait changé!”
Do you think I got it all wrong?

David to Betty:

I am taking galantai to mean that : the juxtaposition of any two or more events or situations or even observations interconnect by the chance of time and place and thus somehow illuminate one another and a third place as well (in-between). Thus, if a large enough sampling comes into his bin, and he has the energy and wherewithal to think atop the influx, then he has an emerging portrait of ideas, images, voices. The underlying problem is that we already live in such a 'chance-future' whirl: viz. newspapers, conglomerates etc. that it is hardly possible to separate out the information which he wants to highlight from the glut of information which is already all around us and, ironically, is needed to determine the context of the pieces he is assembling. The process, in this instance, is all. I am also very interested in “self-assembling poetry” ...as a movement beyond the side-by-side assembling which we correspondence artists have already tried toward the interlinking into one thing which i think this idea implies.
We shall see; it is only january!

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