N+1/2008 - the dimensionist present


Dimensionist Worldwide Meeting

an event of the Budapest Spring Festival at Artpool P60, from March 19–28, 2008. [call]

Connection Based Art As Informative Poetry

Inquiring Worlds Meeting in Time

study exhibition in Artpool P60, curator: György Galántai

“We see, hear, taste, and smell on the basis of models we have from poets. The world appears for us through these models. Poets created these models. They did not just work from raw, shapeless material they found somewhere: if we see colors, then it is through van Gogh and Kodak; if we hear sounds, then it is through Bach and Rock; if we taste, then it is through Brillat-Savarin and fast food.” (Vilém Flusser/1920–1991)

According to the first dimensionist (N+1/1912), Marcel Duchamp (1887–1968), who explored the question of the fourth dimension, “Taste is a bad thing because it prevents us from inquiry.”

In his Dimensionist Manifesto (N+1/1936) Károly Tamkó Sirató (1905–1980) wrote that dimensionism opens a way in the direction of the plus one dimension (N+1) to the severe intellectual consequences of profound change, which in its essence is “deductive towards the past, inductive towards the future and alive in the present”.

“Instead of looking at objects of art, the person becomes the center and the subject of creation; creation consists of sensorial effects taking place in a closed cosmic space.”

Ray Johnson (1927–1995) interpreted this cosmic space as a set of atomic dimensionist information carrier elements, calling information elements “moticos” (N+1/1956). These elements provide a way for writing that is coded differently as well as for computing reading. The objectification of the unlikely combination of elements is correspondence art as informative poetry. In other words, it is the dimensionist particles of systems of relations meeting in the Eternal Network.

The term of “The Eternal Network” (N+1/1968) was coined by Robert Filliou (1926–1987) but Miklós Erdély's (1928–1986) proposition of “Poetry as a self-assembling system” (N+1/1973) is similarly a projection of an approaching all-pervasive paradigm shift.

When people are not just separate entities but accept that they are shaping forces in a system of relations, they are changing together with and are in constant harmony with the dimensionist (N+1/2008) present in any given moment the value of which is always in accordance with the given situation, i.e. it is what is should be. “The number of flavors is infinite.” (Brillat-Savarin, 1755–1826)