Att: György Galántai // Smoke Signals from Sydney Australia

From: Kim Fasher
To: Artpool
Cc: Sarah Mosca
Date: Wed, Mar 20, 2013

A telegram for György Galántai

Hello György Galántai!

I am writing in regards to your incredible 'Fluxus Ping Pong' work which I have seen online recently through the exhibition 'Fluxus East - Fluxus Networks in Central Eastern Europe'.

I am a curator and co-director of Australian arts initiative SuperKaleidoscope. I am currently working with fellow co-director Sarah Mosca on a performance art project in Australia.

Sarah and I are guest-curating two evenings of film screenings, lectures, workshops, performances and games to run alongside the exhibition '13 Rooms' curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Klaus Biesenbach, which is being brought out to Australia in April by Kaldor Public Art Projects.

As a part of our evening programming we wanted to include two Fluxus ping pong tables for audiences to play in the absurdist tradition and spirit of the Fluxus Olympiad!

We had seen the one you made in reference to George Maciunas' original 'Flux-Ping-Pong' included in the exhibition 'Fluxus East'. Coincidentally George Maciunas' original ping pong table was exhibited in Rene Bock's 8th Biennale of Sydney, 'The Ready Made Boomerang', in Australia in 1990.

We love the idea of including Fluxus Sports and are especially keen to include Fluxus Pong in the program.

We would like to request your permission to construct two Fluxus pong tables: one that looks exactly like yours and George Maciunas' table, and one interpretation from an Australian artist. We would also like to get young Australian artists involved in making the ping pong bats.

We hope you are as keen to see 'down-under' audiences attempting their best-worst pont rallies as we are.

Long live Fluxus and all the best!

Kim Fasher and Sarah Mosca

From: Artpool
To: Kim Fasher
Date: Thu, Mar 21, 2013

Hello Kim ans Sarah,

I am answering you on behalf of György Galántai:

thanks for contacting us.
This was the exhibition for which Galántai originally reconstructed the ping-pong table:
He was also the curator of this show and it had a special SPORT section - here you can discover the works he included in the show:

He also curated a summer Fluxus Sport Event in 2011

(By the way Galántai also participated in 'The Ready Made Boomerang' exhibition in 1990, with a graphic series he made in Berlin.)

You do not need our permission to do another reconstruction/version, but of course we would be glad if you do a reference to Galántai's fluxus ping-pong table and rackets (which are of course not exactly the same as the ones Maciunas made).
During the Fluxus East exhibition venue in Budapest in 2008, there were some funny Fluxus ping-pong balls added to the piece by some creative people from the audience...
So we love your idea to continue with new interpretations and would be glad to see the result. Any catalog, video, photo of your project is welcome - we will preserve them in Artpool's archive.

Long live Fluxus,
best wishes - also from György

Julia Klaniczay