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22 - 31 July 2011,  Kapolcs,Kossuth utca 55  -  Galántai House

fluxus (sport) events

personal holarchy - holonic men - installation - between 6PM and 8PM

football (Gábor Attalai, Tamás Komoróczky, Richard Kostelanetz, László Lakner) tennis, table tennis (Julius Koller, Milan Adamčiak, George Maciunas)
bubble (Géza Perneczky) tenpins (BMZ / Miklós Zoltán Baji)
shooting (Erik Andersen, Ben Vautier) bicycle (Arman, Marcel Duchamp, Shigeko Kubota, Jean Tinguely) motorcycle (Chris Burden)
chess (Gábor Altorjay, Miklós Erdély) game (Dóra Maurer, Zoltán Jeney)
working device (György Galántai, Antal Lakner)

[Solar energy]

Sound sculpture by György Galántai: Make Me Jump! 1985

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classical fluxus scores

Ay-O: Rainbow No. 1 for Orchestra - Soap bubbles are blown out of various wind instruments. The conductor breaks the bubbles with his baton. (1965)

ERIC ANDERSEN: Opus 23 - Dec. 11, 1963: Sit down from 7PM to 8:03PM (Danish Time) and think about the people all over the world who may be performing this. (1961)

ROBERT BOZZI: Choice 12 - Two teams of performers compete against each other by pushing a piano from opposite sides. (1966)

GEORGE BRECHT: Event Score - Arrange or discover an event. Score and then realize it. (1966)

ALBERT M. FINE: Ice Cream Piece - Performer buys an ice cream cone and then (a) eats it, or (b) gives it to a stranger, or (c) waits until it melts completely, then eats the cone, or (d) on finishing the piece, buys another ice cream cone. (1966)

DICK HIGGINS: Constellation Number 4 - A sound is made. The sound is to have a clearly-defined percussive attack and decay (such as produced by pluckingstrings, hitting gongs, bells, helmets or tubes). Each performer produces his sound efficiently and almost simultaneously with other performers' sounds. Each sound is produced only once. (1966)

BENGT AF KLINTBERG: Calls, Canto 4 (Hello-Chorus) - A party of about 100 persons walk out into a forest at sunrise, climb up to the treetops and coll and sing a hello-chorus. (1966)

MILAN KNÍŽÁK: Sunday Event - A broom (or some other thing) is tied to the end of a string about 3 yards long. Then it is pulled behind all over the busy streets on a Sunday. (1965)

ALISON KNOWLES: Street Piece - Make something in the street and give it away. (1962)

TAKEHISA KOSUGI: Organic Music - Breath by oneself or have something breathed for the number of times which you have decided at the performance. Each number must contain breath-in-hold-out. Instruments may be used incidentally. (1965)

GEORGE MACIUNAS: Solo for Conductor - Conductor enters and takes a deep bow toward the audience. He remains bowed while he performs various acts with his hands at floor level, such as: tie shoe laces, straighten out socks, wipe shoes with cloth, pick up little specks from floor, etc. Performance ends when conductor straightens up and exits. (1965)

LARRY MILLER: 200 Yard Candle Dash - Each runner carries a lighted candle. He must stop to light it if it goes out. Nothing may be carried to protect the flame. (1970)

YOKO ONO: Wall Piece for Orchestra To Yoko Ono - Hit a wall with your head. (1962)

NAM JUNE PAIK: Dragging Suite - Drag by a string along streets, stairs, floors: large or small dolls, naked or clothed dolls, broken, bloody or new dolls, real man or woman, musical instruments, etc. (1962)

TOMAS SCHMIT: Sanitas No. 79 - A bus carries the audience a good distance, deposits them in a desolate location and returns empty. (1962)

MIEKO SHIOMI: Piece for a Small Puddle - This piece is performed by several performers. Each performer takes position around the puddle. Each stands or squats according to ones own chosen rhythm looking at the surface of the puddle. (1964)

BEN VAUTIER: Orders - One performer seated at a table on the stage gives orders such as 'get up,' 'run,' 'jump,' etc., to 20 performers seated among members of the audience. The audience is free to join in. (1964)

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