Linking Art Worlds: American Art and Eastern Europe in the Cold War to the Present
11 szeptember 2022

The research seminar series launched by the Leibniz-Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe (GWZO), with joint support from the Terra Foundation for American Art and the Getty Foundation aspires to encourage the study of American art topics through bringing these in meaningful relation to events, developments and debates within the East European art scene of the same period ...

Art periodicals of alternative culture in Hungary in the 1980s
07 szeptember 2022

Selection from the Artpool collection.

14 július 2022

Artpool’s alternative presence in Kapolcs.

The Art of Survival
Viktor Kotun
14 július 2022

Based on the wealth of Mail Art material collected at Artpool, in 2015, we started compiling the most complete chronological history of the movement to date, titled Mail Art Chro-No-Logy, which has been used ever since by researchers and participants of the movement from around the world ...

Resonances research trip in Bratislava
14 július 2022

We spent three days in Bratislava in the scope of the Resonances project to explore the collections of local archives that preserve the most important documents of the international relations of Slovak art in the 1970s.

Language games
18 május 2022

Selection from the Artpool collection.

Resonances III – The Exhibition as Medium in the Bloc
17 május 2022

 Call for Papers.

Resonances II.
19 április 2022

Beyond Friendships: Regional Cultural Transfer in the Art of the ’70s.

Resonances I.
07 február 2022

Parallel Structures, Communicating Channels and Nodes.

What Would if…documenta?
25 január 2022

 Talk series "Hungarian artists at the documenta from Vasarely to OFF-Biennale".