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19 February–23 March 1997

Correspondence Art of Ray Johnson

Exhibition at the Ernst Múzeum, Budapest

Budapest VI., Nagymező u. 8., open daily 10 a.m.–6 p.m., closed on Mondays [original invitation] [catalogue]

Ray Johnson on the internet: Ray Johnson site & links

1 March 1997 - Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

Network Constructions at Artpool

a lecture by György Galántai

at the Digital Art Forum of Internet.Galaxis 97

19, 21, 26, 28 March 1997 - Budapest Spring Festival 14–31 March, 1997

Interactive Mediums and Net-Works

Artists’ Books, CD-ROMs, Web-Pages [original invitation]

UNI/vers(;) PEACEDREAM project – exhibition at Artpool and on the web

March 19, 17.30: MAMAX (Austria) presentation at Artpool

MAMAX–ART created in collective praxis. (Internetprojects, CD-Rom). Lecture on the Konsum Servercommunications Project, performance, Machinecommunication

23 April 1997, 4 p.m.

Avantgarde and Artists’ Books in Poland 1919–1997

a lecture, video and slide presentation by Piotr Rypson

and exhibition of works by the polish Futurists: Wladyslaw Strzeminski, Henryk Stazewski, Mieczyslaw Szczuka and others as well as of books by Jaroslaw Kozlowski (constructivist works), Stanislaw Drózdz (conceptual pieces), the group “Lódz Kaliska” and “Luxus”, and the web adaptation of Tomasz Konart’s T3.

Piotr Rypson is a writer and art critic, chief curator of the Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw and lecturer of the Warsaw University and the Rhode Island School of Design (Providence, USA), author of several publication on art and literature [original invitation]

28 July 1997

Happy Birthday Marcel Duchamp!

(28 July 1887–28 July 1997)

Have a look at The Marcel Duchamp Club!
Visit this link!
Come back after September 26.

26 September–12 October, 1997 - event of the Budapest Autumn Festival

Quotations from Kassák

open air exhibition at the Liszt Ferenc square, Budapest

Lajos Kassák was born 110 and died 30 years ago. On the exhibition a selection from Kassák’s dadaist picture-poems from 1920–1922 and quotations from his poems published in the activist art review, MA will be on display. [original invitation]

26 September–12 October, 1997 - event of the Budapest Autumn Festival

Artpool P60

Artpool’s new art space (Budapest, VI. Paulay Ede u. 60) will be open temporarily during the Budapest Autumn Festival to host the RAKTÁR-LAT (Storeroom-Exhibition) with the following events:

Sanatorium 2

Series of exhibitions and events in several mediums (painting, drawing, installation, plastic works, music, film, etc.) by students of painting and intermedia of the Academy of Fine Arts Budapest.

Participants: Asztalos Zsolt, Ádám József, Bekő Judit, Chilf Mária, Erdei Gábor, Erdődy József Attila, Esterházy Marcell, Fóti Lázár, Gábriel Ajna, Gyarmati Éva, Haász Katalin, Harka Ágnes, Illés Erika, Iski Kocsis Tibor, Jovánovics Tamás, Kalocsai Enikő, Kallós Linda, Kokesch Ádám, Láng Imola, Nagy Krisztina, Petri Lukács Ádám, Radák Eszter, Seres Szilvia, Szemethy Orsolya, Szilágyi Teréz, Szilvásy Edit, Varga Gabriella, Varga György, Vécsei Márton, Wolsky András [original invitation]

Monument square, Budapest

international postcard exhibition

at Artpool P60 and on the internet.
How the Budapest Heroes square is seen by 134 representants of the cultural networks of 21 countries in the world? [catalogue]

Boîte – Box

interactive boxes, fluxus boxes, bookworks and other memorial works at Artpool P60 and on the internet.

international exhibition of works by 169 artists from 28 countries to commemorate Marcel Duchamp’s 110th birthday [original invitation]

2 October, 1997 - event of the Budapest Autumn Festival

Transart Communication

Festival of action art and multimedia works

organised by STUDIÓ ERTÉ (Nové Zámky) in Nové Zámky (Slovakia) then in Budapest at the Palace of Exhibitions (1–3 October) and at Artpool P60.