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When I Was A Cowboy
Off Centre Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 1985, 14 p. (Ed. by Chuck Stake)

Invitation, Call


Preface, Thanks list, Article by Patrick Tivy (The Calgary Herald 7 July, 1985)

Photo of the exhibition and works by Mary Romanuck, Daniel Daligand

List of participants, photos of the exhibition and works by Mark Dicey, Carlo Pittore, Jacques Massa, Nelson L. Hendricks, Ruggero Maggi, A. De Araujo, The Duplex Planet, Ben Burgraff, Anna Banana, Monty Cantsin, Aaron Flores, John Sherlock Hersey, Q. Caron, M. Poulton, Cavellini, Shozo Shimamoto

Works by Big Dada, Martin Raul Eckmeyer & Graciela Gutierrez Marx, Luis



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