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Shoes - Go Anywhere You Please, Commonpress No. 14

Cover (See alternate cover for an Introduction to this catalog. Compare it to another alternate cover produced for the Footware show organized by Artpool in 1999.)

Cover / 1999 (Unfortunatelly right now we can only publish a bw photocopy of the 1999 alternate cover as the 1999 reproduction is too low on resolution and the material of the Footware show has not been processed since the show.)

Work by Bob Rizzo & List of Participants

Works by Charlotte Tease, Opal Louis Nations

Works by Robin Crozier, Mike Taylor

Works by Steve Durland, E. F. Higgins III

Works by Paulo Bruscky, Aaron Flores

Works by Ray Johnson, Cul de Sac Prods., Philip Palombo

Works by Johan van Geluwe, Klaus Groh

Works by Redeem Aid Art Company, Gifreu, István Kántor (Monty Cantsin), Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt

List of forthcoming issues

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