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Some pages from the catalog
Ruins, Commonpress No. 25

Cover (on the back cover a work by György Galántai. See related works from the 1970’s and from the 2010’s.)

List of forthcoming issues and the List of Participants

List of participants and a work by Rob Felony

Works by Monty Cantsin (István Kántor), Simon Anderson, Miroljub Todorovic

Works by Keith Rahmnings, Marco Pachetti, Bakos Zoltán

Works by Hiroaki Kondo, Michele Perfetti

Works by Dr. J. K. Killingsworth, Willy Buchholz, Patty Ackerman

Works by Rafel Pocove, David Greenberger, Llys Dana

Works by Lourdes Castro, Ian Patts

Works by T. Patrick, P. Rome

Works by Paulo Bruscky, Pawel Petasz

Works by Johan Van Geluwe, Falves Silva

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