Barbara Rosenthal's Publications

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Books, Pamphlets, Interactive Novelties

1. SOUL & PSYCHE: THE ZYGOTES OF ART, 1996, edition of 10 signed and numbered, 144 pp. 51/2 x 8 1/4, velox, xerox, black, white, aqua and fuchsia hand-bound-hand-made cover, smyth-sewn.hand turned, original photo tipped onto cover, journal-text in traditional sentences.

SOUL & PSYCHE 150 pp. 51/2 x 8 1/4, printed spine, Black, white, aqua and red cover, perfectbound. 150 surreal photographs, continuous fictively re-sequenced journal-form text from 1985-90.

Highly inventive experimental condensed language-form abbreviates English to only those letters and symbols absolutely necessary for comprehension. Three times as long as Rosenthal's previous books. Soul & Psyche, in addition to providing the reader with startling personal revelations, attempts to face the outside world of imposed stress, with deep insights into the nature of High Art, her "Lumpy Potato Theory of the Universe," and 35mm B&W photos which bring the beholder into a mysterious tiny, distorted universe, as Rosenthal continues the uphill struggle to find a place in it.

2. ONE 4-WORD BOOK / FOUR 1-WORD BOOKS  s.p., NYC, 1995.

4"x5 1/2", 2 comb bindings, B&W, Amiga Computer & xerox.

Another of Rosenthal's Interactive Novelties, this single book-object, locked by bindings on two sides, becomes four books if owner cuts apart. Each 1/4 contains a single meaningful word in each direction, that word being also the name of its font and an explication of its cover. A play on up/down, forward/backward, left/right, single/many, positive/negative, the beholder must follow individuated clues to determine order and procedure for unraveling the puzzle, and without this description, even reading the title is a challenge.

3. WEEKS (a collaboration with the poet, Hannah Weiner), Xexoxial Ed., 1989

48 pps, 7 1/4 x 8 1/2, printed spine, bright pink cover, perfect binding, 25 of Rosenthal's "TV News" photographs and text from Weiner's journal, Weeks.

4. HOMO FUTURUS Visual Studies Workshop Press, 1986

48 pps. 51/2 x 8 1/4, printed spine, Varnished black, white and cyan cover, smyth-sewn. 37 surreal photographs, 26 trompe l'oeil overlays, 34 pps. of continuous journal-form text. The third book in Barbara Rosenthal's trilogy with Clues To Myself, Sensations and homo Futurus could be thought of as "Clues To Ourselves." Private, public, social and universal materials from news sources, literature, science and personal archives mix in unified visual-verbal double-page images to open in the reader a philosophical perception of art and humankind.

5. SENSATIONS Visual Studies Workshop Press, 1984

48 pp. 5 1/2 x 8 1/4, printed spine, black, white and yellow cover, emlock binding, 47 photographs. A beautiful novel composed of 47 surreal photographs and 50 fables and writings. Each double-page is an arena in which acute sensations release insight into humanity, personality, life, art and language.

"I love the book Sensations, am putting it alongside John Cage's and Alison Knowles' and Philip Corner's on my shelf of what's next in art, what's now in good American minds..." Carol Berge. "Life as fiction..." The Photo-Letter. "(These) image-text inquiries...feed my hope that ... content will re-emerge in contemporary photography..." A.D. Coleman, The Center Quarterly

6. CLUES TO MYSELF Visual Studies Workshop Press, 1981

48 pp. 7 1/4 x 8 1/2, printed spine, blue and yellow cover, smyth-sewn binding, 25 photographs and written texts.

"A well-spring for the intellect and the emotions..." Don Russell. "Evocative, dreamlike visions..." Shelley Rice, The Franklin Furnace Flue. "The paradox is to share the ultimately private..." George Myers, Jr., Introduction to Modem Times. "A sophisticated textbook for searching artists..." Photo-Communiqué.

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