Endre TÓT's biography

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He was born in 1937 in Sümeg.
1959-65 Academy of Arts and Crafts, department of mural studies
1962 first informel images
1963 friendship with Dezső Korniss
1963-64 Calligraphy images,
1965 'white images',
1966-67 collage paintings and tint-drawings
1967-70 comes to minimal art
1970-71 years of radical changes, "My Unpainted Canvases", the Nothing, the Zero, the Joys and the Rain were born. The first artist book and the first rubber stamp
1971 first mail art pieces
1971-74 new mediums: új médiumok: telegramm, postcard, T-shirt, newspaper ad, fax, typewriter, film
1971-93 unpainted canvases
1973 first public action
1974-89 'Images of absence'
1974-79 new mediums: stamp, casette, poster, video, video boards, graffiti, banner, travel
1978 first joy-drawings in european exhibition spaces
1982 first wall-drawings in New York
1987-94 developing a new way of conceptual painting, absent paintings and layout paintings
1988-89 paintings for everybody nobody and me
1989-94 Blackout Painting
1993 new medium: street sign: TÓT ENDRE STREET, 0. district, house numbers from 0 to 0. (in Szombathely)
1996 participates in the exhibition 'Fluxus in Germany'

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