28 June - 5 July 1970 - Trial exhibition of György Galántai’s graphic art

György Galántai: Experiments in methods (India ink drawings, collages, frottages, etc.)

On the last “free from work” week before finishing the whitewashing I mounted a little trial exhibition for myself, from my own works – just to finally see some pictures on the wall. It was worth it because I understood through the magical effect of this exhibition what nocturnal sounds are and the ghost castle atmosphere ended. During this project I built in the two-winged wooden door of the entrance to keep the rain out. Using paper templates on wooden boards I also made the first public signs with texts for the “institution”, i.e. the Chapel Exhibition signposts, which helped visitors to find their way from the village to the hill. (project)

8 July - 15 August 1970 - The exhibition of Attila Csáji, György Galántai, László Haris, József Magyar, József Molnár V., Oszkár Papp.