26-27 August 1972.
A meeting of Czech, Slovak and Hungarian artists organized by László Beke.

Imre Bak, Peter Bartoš, László Beke, Miklós Erdély, Stano Filko, György Galántai, Péter Halász, Béla Hap, Ágnes Háy, Tamás Hencze, György Jovánovics, J. H. Kocman, Péter Legéndy, János Major, László Méhes, Gyula Pauer, Vladjimir Popović, Petr Štembera, Rudolf Sikora, Tamás Szentjóby, Anna Szeredi, Endre Tót, Péter Türk, Jiří Valoch.


László Beke: Czech, Slovak and Hungarian Words (photos: György Galántai)

exhibition - “tug-of-war” - Handshake action

“Saturday: a conversation outdoors. The basic plan of the meeting is the documentation of the meeting itself. There were approximately 15 Hungarian and 15 Czech artists who took part. They were together from 2 p.m. on Saturday until 2 p.m. on Sunday. There were actions in the meantime.
Beke: on three walls facing the door
Czech - Slovak - Hungarian
words - words - words
On the big wall: Beke’s handshake concept
Beke’s action: approximately 15x15 photos of Czech and Hungarian artists shaking hands.
Pauer: pseudo-cards on the right-hand side of the door, made together [with the participants]
Szentjóby: Rob Nieco Aby
Som Mohol
Imre Bak brought exercise-books and handed out envelopes; everyone put their fingerprints inside, then sealed it and put their names and the date on it, Balatonboglár, 27. 08. 1972. 12:03
Miklós Erdély’s photo on the right-hand side of the door, on the column next to Pauer’s wall: three photos of girls (portraits), the bottom and the top are x, the middle one y (twins)
J. H. Kocman Stamp Activity Love cards on the wall, to the left from the entrance.
Péter Türk’s complaint wall
Endre Tót’s telegram
László Méhes wrote a text with white chalk on a white base
Legéndy: filled in the appeal
Stano Filko distributed his catalogues
Péter Halász’s suggestion was not realized: everyone would have gone to the chapel, blindfolded, holding hands. (All this should be documented by photographs).”
(György Galántai’s note in the Chapel diary, 27th August, 1972)