26-27 August 1972.
A meeting of Czech, Slovak and Hungarian artists organized by László Beke.

Imre Bak, Peter Bartoš, László Beke, Miklós Erdély, Stano Filko, György Galántai, Péter Halász, Béla Hap, Ágnes Háy, Tamás Hencze, György Jovánovics, J. H. Kocman, Péter Legéndy, János Major, László Méhes, Gyula Pauer, Vladjimir Popović, Petr Štembera, Rudolf Sikora, Tamás Szentjóby, Anna Szeredi, Endre Tót, Péter Türk, Jiří Valoch.

exhibition - “tug-of-war” - Handshake action

“The weekend was organized by Beke, and we had a great time together. I almost learned to speak in Czech and Slovak, and they almost learned Hungarian. We closed the event with a photo demonstration, where everyone shook hands with everyone else, and we took photos of this, hands holding hands, one by one, and put the small cubes next to one another like a mosaic. In the end, all those who were shaking hands signed the photos. By this action, we symbolically made peace with each other, at a time when our political system was still in conflict with Czechoslovakia. We made peace, and that’s what was important.”
(Interview with Gyula Pauer, 1998)