15-21 July 1973 - Exhibiton of András Baranyay, Károly Botond, Péter Donáth, Ádám Kéri, János Nádasdy, László Paizs, András Orvos. [Check by the authorities]

works by László Paizs, András Orvos and Péter Donáth

works by András Baranyay, László Paizs and Károly Botond

“I don’t know if Gyuri [György Galántai] sensed that it was the last summer but I definitely did because somehow it was in the air. Around that time more government vehicles parked around than before, policemen came with dogs at dawn, they kicked us awake, and it was a large number of visitors. That summer was spent in some kind of preparedness like in a war but intellectually it was even exciting in a way. I was rather sad about these being the last months or weeks; I was certain they were.” (András Orvos)

21 July 1973 - Performances by István Kovács Studio and László Najmányi (A Friendly Treatment), and actions by Tibor Hajas.

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