We attempt to define the main objective of the plan by the temporal contexts of art. Providing some kind of answer to the eternal question: Where do we come from, where are we, where are we going?

Changing and unchanging circumstances become cognisable in each other’s contexts.

The reconstruction of positive and negative social relations provides a kind of authentic overview.

Events outside of art can be read as being part of art.

Context chronology: “The world is made up of separate information particles, connections between which are built up by the temporality of our lives.”

Future-oriented contexts provide inspiration of what is worth doing.

Past-present context

A connection with past or forgotten values. (Celebration of Robert Filliou and Art 1000036th birthday)

Manifestations of the human national and linguistic identity that can be salvaged as value. (Béla Hamvas: Eksztázis [Ecstasy] - essay)

Reused, transformed and reinterpreted contexts. (János Sugár: Kontextus csapda [Context Trap])

Connection points between age groups
(Why did Charles Sirato clap on 15 March 1970?)

Homage works, plagiarism. (MD box)

Present-present context

Artworks contextualised by documents of concrete experiences of shortage and exploitation-based economy, the police state, the happiest barracks, the Third World and valueless society. (György Jovánovics: Életem legjobb műve [The Best Work of My Life])

Artworks contextualised by social, political, religious, technological, scientific, etc. documents. (Gyula Pauer: Semmi a pszeudo-galaxisban [Nothing in the Pseudo Galaxy])

Connection points between and integration potentials of living close and distant cultures.

Artworks contextualised by Hungarian society after the change in the political system. (Kontextus ahogy [Context As])

Connection points and topical contexts between age groups.

Future-present context

Negative everyday experiences manifest as positive experience, (Miklós Erdély: Extrapolációs gyakorlatok [Extrapolation Exercises])

Modernity created from obsoleteness, progress from regress. (Cserny Márton: Sablontázs a raktárreptérben [Stencilage at the Storehouse-Airport])

Connection points between age groups and experiments of integration.

(György Galántai: Kontextus nullpontok - A monokróm és a semmi [Context Zero Points – Monochrome and Nothing])

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