The performances can take any form from readings, happenings and slide show presentations to guided tours, discussions, brainstorming, etc. The invited performers can shape the event according to their own bias and they can determine the real spatial environment in regard to both content and genre. The performances and the exhibitions will be lent authenticity through the answers given to questions formulated with references to the artworks and documents. In other words, the performance and the installation are in a contextual relationship. Time in space; space in time.


The visual material linked to the simultaneous sound of Márton Cserny’s musical performance and video screening that accompanied the artist’s own exhibition titled “Stencilage at the Storehouse-Airport” evoked the concept of Dimensionist development-motion. The network pages were made to correspond with the image-sound contexts of the performance-exhibition.

Gyula Pauer held his demonstrated performance titled “Nothing in the Pseudo Galaxy” in connection with the theme of “context zero points” [...] “I disguise what I want to show, I make what I showed disappear, I show what I make disappear, I disguise the act of making it disappear or I show the act of disguising.” The artist had breaks during his performances, which means “outgoing connection” in the network version. Break in the performer-listener context easily draws in those versions of nothing that can be linked with the performance.

György Jovánovics

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János Sugár

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How can the “Context As” exhibition become a performance? Everything becomes what it is presented as. As the six artists communicating with each other created their space- and object-contexts and as they formulated them in texts, a virtual performance, which was easy to display on network pages, came into being from the original exhibition-performance. This type of performance can also be found in the monochrome space-work titled “Context Zero Points”, although in an entirely different form.

The lyrical space titled “Context Zero Points” – as a zero point context in relation to „monochrome and nothing” – is the work of György Galántai. Versions of monochrome light and sound fill the exhibition space creating a mythical-meditative experience of space, which is coupled with barely noticeable lyrical texts about nothing. The exhibition space is the location of a virtual performance (one of its models); everybody sees and hears it in his or her interpretation, i.e. they themselves create the performance. Thanks to the “free-flowing context”, the performance can be regarded as a democratic performance (one of its models), a Fluxus performance (event) and even a situationist performance.

Kontextus nullpotok” c. poetikus tér - mint nullpont-kontextus „a monokróm és a semmi” viszonylatában - Galántai György munkája. A monokróm fény és hang változata betöltöti a kiállitóteret, ehhez a mitikus-meditációs tér érzethez kapcsolódnak az alig észrevehető kötői szövegek a semmiről. A kiállítási tér a virtuális előadás (egyik modellje) helyszine, mindenki a maga olvasatában látja és hallja, vagyis maga hozza létre az előadást. Az előadás a „kontextus szabad áramlása” által a demokratikus előadás, (egyik modellje) vagy a fluxus előadás (event), de még a szituacionista előadás kifejezéssel is jelölhető.

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