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Several decades of performance and work with Fluxus documented in video, photographs, books and postcards. [invitation]


[video catalogue - Geoffrey Hendricks “Anatomia dei Cieli”, 1995]

Performance by Geoffrey Hendricks:
a once in a lifetime chance to see the Flux navy


András Lengyel (Cloud Museum) and Hendricks exchanging cloud publications

Geoffrey Hendricks - links

Budapest Postcard - Fluxus Box Sky Pillow Cases, Sky Car - Cloud City USA

Sky/Feet, Sky Boots - Sky to the North and Two Chairs


G.H., Headstand for Ben Vautier at his home in Nice

From Job Interview to FluxLux, a 32 year friendship with Bob Watts

Geoffrey Hendricks speak and perform five scores of Robert Watts.

From the Sea & Rainbow Food by Geoffrey Hendricks and Robert Watts

On Festival of Fantastics by Geoffrey Hendricks

The fluxus Constellation

Geoffrey Hendricks - 100 Skies, 1993 Artist's multiple

Geoffrey Hendricks - Picnic Garbage Vinyl Placemat.

Geoffrey Hendricks: installation 2006, Egon Schiele Art Centrum

Human Kindness , Geoffrey Hendricks / New York

Wolkentreppe 1972 - Berlin Sky 1983 - Galerie Inge Baecker

Nine Moons, Lithograph 1988

Half Moon & Faggot (2008) Watercolor on paper with willow and twine

Geoffrey Hendricks, New Sky Works / Genova 2008

Sky Notes: 1-22 by Geoffrey Hendricks

Geoffrey Hendricks was involved in the Judson Gallery in 1967 and 1968 (pdf)

Critical Mass: Happenings, Fluxus, Performance, Intermedia, and Rutgers University, 1958-1972 by Geoffrey Hendricks

Fluxus East, Fluxus Networks in Central Eastern Europe

Wikipedia - Geoffrey Hendricks

Geoffrey Hendricks - Bibliography

Artpool events - 4 September 1993 - Artpool Archive

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