portal music / K55 / 2018

Lao-Tzu - Tao Te Ching – The Book of the Way – the chief work of Taoist philosophy
(audio book)

Perhaps it was written in the 4th century B.C., perhaps it was written or collected by Lao Tzu.
Perhaps none of this matters.
What really matters is that by studying Oriental philosophy, our lives will be richer, if only for a minute.
We do not want to understand it.
Nor to analyse it.
Only to internalise it.
Then it starts working.
The righteous path is to discover the law of nature.

Tao is the principle of the final unity of the world,
which is in eternal motion and change.
Tao has no name,
because all names denote definite entities.
Tao is the principle that governs all,
and is above all difference.
It is the path of individual life and nature:
man’s canon is earth,
earth’s canon is the sky,
the sky’s canon in Tao,
and Tao’s canon is itself.

Sándor Weöres’ Hungarian translation is not only mystical and philosophical,
but also movingly lyrical in János Kulka’s performance.

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