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Commonpress No. 4, From Poetry to Poesy
Maximal Art Edition, Poznan, Poland, April, 1978

Cover & back cover with announcements for the upcomming issues

List of participants

Works by Klaus Groh

Works by Grezegorz Dziamski, R. Mutt (using a work by Ray Johnson)

Work by Peter Below (Solidarity action-poetry/poesy for Padín & Caraballo)

Works by Michele Perfetti, Bálint Szombathy

Works by God, Tony Bradley

Works by Ko de Jonge, Leonhard Frank Duch

Work by A. Domini

Editorial statement by Pawel Petasz (see the “Surplus” sticker added on the copy of Commonpress No. 1 at Artpool archives photodocumentad at the year 1977!)

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