(Budapest VI., Paulay Ede u. 60.)


Artpool P60

currently under construction, Artpool P60 (Budapest VI., Paulay Ede u. 60.) is an art space of Artpool that functions as a storeroom until about 1998 when reconstruction works will be finished.

Its 227 square meter area consists of five separable spaces: a lecture or performance space, exhibition spaces, an exhibition corridor, a multi-function space which is an office, a bookshop, and a book show space in one, plus the entrance information space.

Originally a rundown cellar, Artpool has made constant efforts at its repairing since 1994 when it was rented from the municipal council of Budapest’s 6th district. As rebuilding has not finished yet, Artpool expects to find support for its further reconstruction, as well as, its running.

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Antecedents to the future program of Artpool P60 art space are the alternative art space at Balatonboglár banned in 1973 by the authorities, Artpool’s Periodical Spaces redefined as part of the Artpool project in the early eighties, and the events that have taken place at Artpool Art Research Center since 1992.

Artpool P60 made its debut with an occasional opening called “RAKTÁR-LAT” (Storeroom-Exhibition) on 26 September, 1997 (open till 12 October), in the scope of the Budapest Autumn Festival.

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Description of Artpool P60 Art Space

(after reconstruction work has been finished)

Entrance information space: at four steps downstairs from the street level, the walls of this space are covered with invitation cards of current Hungarian exhibitions and art events. Beyond the glass door there are documents on the right, and works or copies of earlier materials in a glass showcase on the left. Music that relates to the exhibited material comes from hidden speakers. Entering this space shows the visitor where he has arrived. On taking five more steps one gets into the central space, or on turning right one enters the front-room exhibition space. <>

Exhibition space 1: is the only space lit by natural light through four windows at the street, and with it’s extended surface of wall it is the best space for exhibitons. This is a space for elegant long term exhibitions. No wonder that the works of the best artists are displayed here.

Exhibition space 2: This central space divided by pillars in the middle, from where one can have access to all other spaces, is for short term, occasional shows. “Unfit” for exhibitions, this multi-functional space can be installed in various ways either in accordance with the other spaces, or separately. <>

Bookshop-office-book show space: The items offered by the bookshop are based on the culture represented by Artpool. It sells publications on art, literature, music, philosophy, and architecture etc. that cannot be found elsewhere, or whose subject matter is related to ArtpoolŐs activity. Among them are copies of alternative pieces, artists’ publications, sound, video, and bookworks, artists’ objects and published documents. The bookshop is an office, as well, where one can get information on the Artpool archive, the research center, as well as, general information on art. The book show displays pieces of Artpool’s collection or selections of recent material. <>

Lecture or performance space: It is a space for lectures and multimedia shows related to the lectures. It is equipped for lectures, performances, meetings, conferences, and brain stormings. On one end of the room there are chairs installed with sound and video equipments in which one can listen or watch the material he has chosen, through headphones. Available sound and video pieces are either part of current programs or belong to former ones – in this case they must be asked for in the bookshop. <>

Exhibition corridor: The corridor that links the lecture or performance space with the bookshop is an exhibition space for small scale network pieces. The exhibitions are constantly renewed: the oldest pieces are replaced by the latest ones as the collection grows through a relationship with artists and exchange. Occasionally smaller projects or specific works designed to this space will be shown. <>

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Note: Artpool P60 is the real publication and communication space of Artpool Art Research Center parallel and in accordance to its virtual space on the Internet. The Artpool P60 project aims at examining the possibilities of thought changed by virtual space, in real space, as well as, the feedback of experiences. The result is expected to be make clear of these changes and this transition.