Péter Sinkovits: Gesture and artistic value


Artistic freedom is manifested as consumable banality in the TÓTal state of joys. Joys that relate to trivial things, indulging in which does not come up against any obstacles. They are almost completely for the artist to decide and they can virtually not be controlled from the outside. The forms of joy reflect choices and opportunities, as well as the naive thinking that constantly seeks new objects of joy. Through this a connection is maintained with “fine art”, since this seeking for objects and selecting scenes in which gestures are enacted are “artistic” and not moral in their nature. They cannot even be compared to the moral worldviews of the same tone, since in Tót’s case gestures and ideas appear related in the form of statements and utterances, whereby their author is sustained by the faith that the environment and the artistic context will amplify the sound of his statements while his gestures will assume artistic value.

(Művészet, May 1980, p. 43)

(English translation by Krisztina Sarkady-Hart)

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