Newkapolcs Gallery / Újkapolcs Galéria
16-20 July 1992



György Galántai – about the event:

The slogan is: "We build from what we have, and what we have we have inside us."

Visual tools: felt-tip pens, paper, scissors, glue, and a multicolour photocopier.

Sound equipment: two tape recorders and a Casio Rapman.

On the first two days, anybody that drew something received a copy authenticated with a stamp and date in exchange for their drawing. The children happily exchanged their original drawings for the authenticated copy-originals. The act of authentication “elevated” their drawings into the realm of art. About 200 drawings were made during the two days and all of the original drawings were archived.

I selected those pieces of the unique, archived products of the first two days that I thought could be used to make joint works according to the original plan. I divided the drawings into four thematic parts, to be copied in four colours at our disposal. This served as an inspiration later.

On the third day we took the project a step further. Those elements of the first “original” products that were reused as colour copies changed further - as continued "add to" works - into new “originals”. We began filling the walls that up to this point had been empty with the colour copies of these.

Individual drawings continued to be made, but only drawings printed in colour onto colour paper were put on the walls. I changed the colour of the ink every half hour and the drawers could choose the colour of the paper. Two copies were made of every print: one to be given in exchange and one for the exhibition. From day three to day five 124 works were created.

By recopying the used-up drawings, the same drawings could be used by many people, which is how some favourite motifs came into being, e.g.: car, horse, palm tree, hand, dragon, fish, moon face, bunny, the motifs of the event’s poster, etc.

The repetitions and bonding, the togetherness and the resulting works created a kind of culture-being-born experience. The model of a culture’s embryonic state: to merge all kinds of othernesses or ideas, while discovering the linkage points of similarities, creating an idea out of an accidental situation. (polaroid photos)

The “musical” background also came into being spontaneously: new sounds were added with a CASIO RAPMAN to sounds previously recorded on a tape recorder.

(English translation by Krisztina Sarkady-Hart)

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