Add to art projects in chronological order:

Creativity - visuality film by Dóra Maurer (1975–77/88) [in Hungarian]

Homage to Vera Muhina story of a living sculpture (1980–)

Operation Round Trip by G.A. Cavellini (I) (1980)

Image in an image envelope-works (1981–86)

Art-Umbrella add-to-postcards by Hungarian artists (1981)

Substitutable Self-Portrait international project by Róbert Swierkiewicz (1981)

Cloud Museum international project by András Lengyel (1982) [in Hungarian]

Everybody with anybody rubber stamp event and exhibition (1982)

World Art Post international artistamp project by Artpool with 550 participants (1982)

Stamp+rubberstamp works by Hungarian artists

Buda Ray University a visual communication network (1982-)

ACTUAL FINE ART EVENT / Indigo group (1983) [in Hungarian]

Brain cell international project by Ryosuke Cohen (Japan) (1985)

Add-to-drawings of children done during the “Audio-visual and ellectronic being together” - a creativity training and exhibition with children.in the Newkapolcs Gallery (1992)

Electronic Communication Happening (1993) [in Hungarian]

22 Budapest fax-event of the Árnyékkötők group (1993)

Passivity excersise project by G. Galántai to the memory of Miklós Erdély (1994) [in Hungarian]

NETWORKER BRIDGE by G. Galántai, card images from international stamp images (1994)

Monument Square (transformation of the Budapest Millennary Square on postcards), international project (1997)