AL Actual / Alternative / Artpool Letter

11 issues of a bookwork like samizdat art magazine published in 1983-1985 by Artpool in Hungarian
(with summaries in English) about art events and art people in Hungary and abroad.

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AL 4. (April 1983) - SUMMARY       

1. Cover: Stamp by Carlo Pittore, New York City


Artpool's aim is to collect, catalogue, and guard those art experiments that otherwise would vanish without a trace.

Artpool helps all new endeavours at reforming art and creating a vivid and healthy art scene with information.

4. ARTPOOL'S ART TOUR (excerpts)

J. and G. Galántai visited Rod Summers in Maastricht, Holland, during the Summer, 1982. They review his activities, methods and his V.E.C. Audio Exchange Programme, as well as his cassette publications [read the article].

9. Account of the Budapest-Vienna-Berlin telephone-concert (15 April, 1983, 7pm-11pm) organised by Helmut J.Mark and Bob Adrian X. of the BLIX Group, Vienna, coordinated by Rainald Schumacher, Berlin, János Vető and Artpool, Budapest.

Each city had an hour programme followed by another hour of simultaneous music in the three cities recorded in Vienna. The photos and the drawings show Budapest (Artpool Studio) and Vienna (Kultur Service Studio).

16. Performance by Tom Johnson, USA, performer-composer in Budapest.

SUPPLEMENT: Excerpts from Johnson's book: Imaginary Music.

19. Zsuzsa Simon, art critic visits the studio of Imre Bak and Zsuzsa Albert.

Bak (born 1936) is one of the most important Hungarian constructivist painters. He is also the author of several books on visual education. He talks of himself, his plans, the changed attitudes of the 80's, and the circumstances of Hungarian artists. Very important for Bak are: the continuity of national tradition, the national character of painters, the creating and preserving role of the culture of a nation.

28. 'Fancy-Beautiful Pictures' or 'Malaise Test-Track' or the 'New Tie' Article by András Bán, a historian of art, on the possibilities of photo/art on the occasion of an exhibition of the same title organised by Bán.

31. Interview by Bán with the artists of Fancy-Beautiful Pictures.

32. Information on the Architecture Exhibition, Hungarian Week, Lille, France, that presented two architects (Gábor Bachman and Attila Kovács) and two groups (Visegrádi Tábor and Keszthely' 81). See mini-poster supplement, AL 4.

35. Answers to András Bán by Péter Forgács, one of the photographers of Fancy-Beautiful Pictures on the present state of photography and on possible creative attitudes.

36. Drawing Course, 1982-83

Miklós Erdély (born 1928) one of the leading characters of Hungarian avantgarde artists has been guiding the INDIGO Group of young artists and art students. Their theme for 1982-83 was drawing. They wanted to renew this old discipline, pushing all prejudices and misinterpretations aside. All artists of the group defended their works during the course in public debates providing a new method to interpret and evaluate contemporary artwork. Their exhibition opened on 20 May and surveyed last year's works.

38. Exhibition of Ákos Birkás, Zsigmond Károlyi, Károly Kelemen, Lóránd Méhes and János Vető at Studio Rabinext of their recent paintings.

The exhibition was opened by Ágnes Gyetvai, art historian. She talks on the artists and their works and the frantic enthusiasm they work with among the pretty unfavourable cultural and political situation they are in.

42. Specs Against Socialism

Excerpts from an article by Jean Jacques Mandel, L'Écho des Savanes.

44. Everyone's Laughing at Someone Else

Article by Éva Forrai on the occasion of the above mentioned French article and on the misinterpretations that often surface in articles on Hungary in the French press. She criticises the title - 'Specs For Socialism' would sound much better - and advises French authors not to outlive their critical fantasies against French socialism on Hungary.

48-49. and SUPPLEMENT: Catalogue to the event “Harmony” by Zoltán Lábas and Tivadar Nemesi.

50. György Kozma: Interview with Henrik Pauer on a day in the life of the young writer-actor-artist, on his plans and working methods.

54. Die Unbekannten pop group (West-Berlin) in Budapest.

55. Cartoon by György Kozma on the concert of Die Unbekannten and Totenhosen (West-Berlin) in Budapest.

58. The Labyrinths of Support

Article by István Lázár quoted from the cultural weekly Élet és Irodalom. Lázár writes on the chaotic structure of Hungarian art institutions whose sole aim is to suppress all innovations, to conrol artists, and to keep them in continuous economic and bureaucratic dependence. Lázár thinks this practice of the Hungarian Foundation for the Arts contradicts higher politicians decisions.

60. Kill Me Today Too For A Couple of Hours

Commentary by László Kistamás (singer for the pop group Kontroll) on new tendencies of Hungarian show business.

62. INTERPOOL, Art news and art people all over the world (based on the January-March issue of Umbrella)