AL Actual / Alternative / Artpool Letter

11 issues of a bookwork like samizdat art magazine published in 1983-1985 by Artpool in Hungarian
(with summaries in English) about art events and art people in Hungary and abroad.

AL 1, AL 2, AL 3, AL 4, AL 5, AL 6,
AL 7, AL 8, AL 9, AL 10, AL 11

AL 7. (January 1984) - SUMMARY       

3. “Wild Style - New York City” by Gábor Seton-EE

A personal account of New York City rap, break dance, electric boogie and graffiti

13. “Twenty-First Century Slang - A private, enigmatic jargon, a language of feeling, art and conspiracy”, by Francesca Alinovi

A Hungarian translation of her article from Flash Art, November, 1983.


Poetry readings in Fiatal Művészek Klubja, Budapest, January 10, 1984.

22-27. Excerpts from the poems of the night

22. “Ten Theses on Poetry” by Ádám Tábor

24. “Mineral Wool” by Miklós Erdély

25. Miklós Erdély performing “Mineral Wool”

26. “Girl of Benefit” by Endre Kukorelly

27. “The Poem Is In Three Parts” by Endre Kukorelly

27. Invitation to Kossuth Klub, Budapest for a series of events called
New Approaches - New Genres

28. Excerpts from the discussion that opened the above series:

New Wave - New Views. Participants were: art historians László Beke, Éva Körner, Gábor Pataki and historian Gábor Klaniczay. They first talked about the international scene of visual art, rock music, film and new audience attitudes then they revealed Hungarian trends in painting, performance, film and music.

40. Supplement to AL 7: “What's this cover covering…?”

Excerpts from the legacy of Sándor Altorjai (1933-1979).

A book of notes, ideas and diaries of the tragic painter with an introduction by Csaba Könczöl and a poem by Miklós Erdély.

The painting in the middle spread is “Polischizoid aleatoric de-montage” by Altorjai

41. “Self-portrait when stone drunk” (1970-79) by Sándor Altorjai

42. “I'm sinking - portrait of E. M.: Waving” (1967) by Altorjai

44. Exhibition by Loránd Méhes and János Vető in Studio Galéria, Budapest (opened January llth)

Article by Dr Horváth describing this exhibition of tiny cheerful idol-objects and huge peace and love flags whose message is a solution of the permanent danger, fear, terror and egoism of our age.

46-47. Photos of the exhibition by Méhes and Vető and excerpt from an enthusiastic letter by Krisztina Kecskés.

48. Review of an exhibition by Polish artist Malgorzata Potocka (Fiatal Művészek Klubja, Budapest, January 6-12, 1984), “Construction in Progress”, a film by Jozef Robakowski made in the Autumn of 1981 and shown at Potocka's exhibition, as well as Potocka's visit to Artpool when she talked about the most important recent tendencies in Polish art.

50-51. Movie Architecture - Anni di Ferro: Article from Domus, November, 1983 on the scene design by Attila Kovács' for the film “Daniel the lucky” (See more about the work of Attila Kovács in AL 3. ).

53. Photo of the live shopwindow events of New Art Studio, from December 10, 1983 to Christmas. The artists of N.A.S. (Gizi Koppány, Nóra Kovács, and Tamás Király) became known in Hungarian art circles with their fashion work.

54. News of a video performance and other works by Gustav Hámos, West Berlin

54-55. Hungary Can Be Yours. Photos of the international exhibition (organised by György Galántai, January 27-30, Fiatal Művészek Klubja, Budapest). Some 50 artists from Hungary and 20 from other countries sent their works. An audience of 200 of the opening listened to the audio-montage “Hungary” by Artpool Radio.

56. Artnews from Hungary and abroad

Cartoon by György Kozma

57. Photo of the exhibition by Inconnu Group (Bercsényi Klub, Budapest, November 1-11., 1983)

59. Letter by György Fazekas to József Tallér on the occasion of an exhibition by Tallér

61. Poster for the exhibition by József Tallér (Babzsák - Beanbag, Bercsényi Klub, November 22-28, 1983), and photos of the exhibition

62. International artnews