AL Actual / Alternative / Artpool Letter

11 issues of a bookwork like samizdat art magazine published in 1983-1985 by Artpool in Hungarian
(with summaries in English) about art events and art people in Hungary and abroad.

AL 1, AL 2, AL 3, AL 4, AL 5, AL 6,
AL 7, AL 8, AL 9, AL 10, AL 11

AL 8. (February 1984) - SUMMARY       

2. Tam Tam 31 with cover by György Galántai (ed. by Adriano Spatola, Italy)

3. Interview with Tibor Papp (editor of “Magyar Műhely”- “Hungarian Atelier”, a Hungarian magazine of literature and arts in Paris)

on the visual and sound poetry performances they have every month with the participation of Julien Blaine, Michel Giroud, Michele Métail, Bernard Heidsieck, Jean-Francois Bory, Jacqueline Cahen, Joel Hubaut, Jean Jacques Lebel, Tibor Papp, Pál Nagy and others. The interview is also a brief account on these visual and phonic poets as well as the most important poetic performances in Paris.

9. Still from “Chérie”, a video by Gustav Hámos that was on the air on ZDF, West Germany, December 22,1983.

9. Cartoon by György Kozma

10. ÓPETRI - selected writings by György Petri

Readings at Fiatal Művészek Klubja, Budapest, February 27, 1984. AL 8 publishes three poems from Petri's book: Örökhétfő (Eternal Monday, AB Publisher, Budapest, 1981)

11. György Petri, photo by István Jávor

12. On Reading “Fear and Shuttering” by Péter Rácz on the book by Sören Kierkegaard which Rácz had translated and is being published soon.

14. Invitation to the exhibition of the collected works of Dóra Maurer, (Ernst Múzeum, Budapest, March 23-April 15, 1984).

15. Invitation to the exhibition of paintings by Imre Bak, Ákos Birkás, Sándor Molnár, and János Szirtes, Pécsi Galéria, Pécs (March 9-April 1, 1984).

16. Invitation to the promotion concert of a new LP by Group 180 (Egyetemi Színpad, Budapest, December 9, 1983).

16. New York City composer-performer Arnold Dreyblatt's concert in Budapest, organised by Group 180 (Szkéné Színház, December 17, 1983).

18. In the studio of György Jovánovics.

19. “Liza and the plaster reliefs” by István Eörsi

Article on the exhibition by Jovánovics in Künstlerhaus Bethanien, West Berlin (April-May 1983). Jovánovics spent some time with the DAAD Grant in Berlin. The article is an account of his early photo works in Budapest and the very subtle plaster reliefs he made during the three years he spent in West-Berlin.

21, 22, 23. Plaster reliefs by György Jovánovics

24. Account of Marx Test, a mail art project and its catalogue by Géza Perneczky, Cologne.

25, 26. Photos of the banners from Riot Banners Forest by Gyula Pauer.

Pauer (born 1941) created a huge work at the Nagyatád Wooden Sculpture Workshop during the summer of 1978. The organizers of the workshop resented the work, which had 129 banners set in concrete, the moment it was created and a few hours after it had been completed local police smeared the banners with mud and a few days later workers sawed them off and put them in a shed. Then a jury decided that the destroyed work had no artistic value. The work has not been reconstructed since.

The three essays in AL 8 describe, comment on, and analyze the text of the banners while they also try to place it in a historical context.

27. “Long live the forest of banners as…” by Zoltán Érmezei.

Érmezei worked as the assistant of Pauer in the creation of the work. He critically writes on the relation of liberty and art.

32. Photo of Gyula Pauer, 1978.

34. “Comments on Riot Banners Forest” by László Beke

A philological interpretation and evaluation of the text of the banners.

40., 41. Photo of the Riot Banners Forest under construction, 1978

45. “(Riot)Banners-forest“ by Annamária Szőke

An attempt to partially reconstruct Pauer's work (Facts on the work - Banner Forest - Pseudo Sculpture - Environment - Land Art - Pseudo Art - Illusion)

53. Photo of Gyula Pauer working on his Riot Banners Forest

54. Sketch of the plan of the banners

55. The Banners Forest under construction

56. Top: The forest after its completion

Bottom.- the stumps after the destruction

57. Call to design “Temporary-Communicative-Constructions” by Studio Plus (Gábor Bachmann - László Rajk)

58. “The Story of the Pronuma Boys”, a film by András Szirtes premiered at Egyetemi Színpad, Budapest, January 29, 1984, where Tamás Papp read his essay on Szirtes published here

61. “Silent Poems” by Péter Turcsány

64. “Sketches” by Endre Szkárosi

The poet Szkárosi here describes how the English translation of his two audio poems altered the original, surfacing new and different solutions.

73. Invitation to CollAction, a fashion show by Gizi Koppány, Nóra Kovács and Tamás Király (Pécsi Galéria, Pécs, March 4,1984).

74. Supplement: Postcard by Gábor Toth: Existence Project (March 15, 1984): You must get someplace

75. Gábor Toth, photo by Zoltán Bakos

76-77. Holelon, bookwork by István Halas

78. “Poem dedicated to the editors of AL” by András Petőcz.