AL Actual / Alternative / Artpool Letter

11 issues of a bookwork like samizdat art magazine published in 1983-1985 by Artpool in Hungarian
(with summaries in English) about art events and art people in Hungary and abroad.

AL 1, AL 2, AL 3, AL 4, AL 5, AL 6,
AL 7, AL 8, AL 9, AL 10, AL 11

AL 10, 1984 winter - p. 26.        magyar nyelv



basic requirements
the intensity that can be called the supreme trinity is present in every entity (1)
every manifestation of the supreme trinity originates from the supreme personalities of the trinity (2)
statements made about the supreme trinity as well as the basic requirements specified and those that are not specified here are approximations (3)
the extent to which approximations prove accurate indicate our position and humility, which is essential (4)

documentation model
the personality of the trinity for whom X1, X2,...Xn seems true
road to the exercises
starting approximation exercise
the personality of the trinity can be understood as an autonomous entity for whom X1, X2,...Xn is true see basic requirement (2)
control approximation exercise
we can attempt to live as if all those would be personality of the trinity for whom X1, X2, … Xn would be true, see basic requirement (1)

with whom preparations are made to build a railway track by the pothole
they have not lost the ability to cry
a fence stretches along the valley as a function of running
a square-shaped hole is left behind after the smoke of the elements
beware when you wish for the first, the last
they began to build a hedge that would bend back at the top
they carved flesh out of the body for a substratum
it became overgrown by symmetrical distance without consideration
none of us emigrated from the trunk
bent down the head is no longer an obstacle
neither wooden nor metal members emerge the flag
sacks often rot in the bushes
hardly any line errors in a table like this

for whom the g f g b melody is virtually obligatory
one part of the water colour is covered by a body against rain
the mouth or windpipe blocked by a stone in one of the phases
we always fall forward at the floodgate with the glimmer
where neither rain nor spring dries out
emptied according to plan not a single finger rippled on the riverbank-ring
light patterns consistent alteration in the face-name relation
upon hearing these sounds every boy and girl syllables

for whom fewer and fewer unconfessed returns
into the railway station’s corners gone wild
where someone entirely different spent
important moments of limited expanse
but undefinable with yet another
perhaps because beyond the last fall to sleep
period signposts appear in horizontal images and
despite the fact that these places
hardly modify their arrangement
they fall outside the frontlines of the economy
only the same genera of plants if they are perennial
and the flitting of different sounds
but even their contrast can be easily
extinguished the solar disintegration aided by wind
or by coloured glass

(published in: Szétfolyóirat [Spreadiodical, 1973 (?),
excerpts: AL 10, 1984-85, p. 26)

English translation by Krisztina Sarkady-Hart, 2019

* Perfomed at the Chapel Studio in Balatonboglár,
12-13 August 1973 – (from Sunday evening to Monday morning)
László Algol: The Chemistry Engineer and the Construction Foreman.
The Personality of the Trinity (An Approximation Exercise).