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15 January 1980: "MAILDRAWING" – György Galántai’s telegram: "This telegram is aimed at creating a postal circle between 68/B Frankel Leó Road Budapest and the Sándor Doktor Cultural Center at 18 Déryné Street Pécs. Half of this circle is my drawing."

January 1980-September 1982: "POOL WINDOW", Artpool’s regularly published one-page mail art newsletter (30 issues, on A/4-es sheets copied by carbon paper, offset, photocopying and rubber stamp techniques) with international mail art news and calls

7-31 January 1980: Cultural House, Pécs: exhibition of the Museum of Hungarian Avant-garde Art”, organised by András Bán and Károly Kismányoky

10-20 April 1980: Young Artists’ Club, Cellar Gallery, Budapest (as part of the programme series titled “Culture in the Seventies"): (APS no. 4) "SENT ART". Exhibition organised from the envelopes, mail works, postcards, artistamps etc. sent to the call from 24 countries, with ca 3-400 participants

23-29 May 1980: Young Artists’ Club, Budapest: (APS no. 5) G. A. CAVELLINI – with the participation of Cavellini. The exhibition occupies the entire premises of the club and has three sections 1) György Galántai presents G.A.C., 2) "Operation Round Trip": joint envelope works by Galántai and Cavellini, 3) works by 25 Hungarian artists made on the theme of Cavellini.

24 May 1980: Heroes’ Square, Budapest: correspondence art performance titled "Homage to Vera Muhina" with the participation of G. A. Cavellini, György Galántai and Júlia Klaniczay

November 1980: Bercsényi Club, Budapest: INDIGO’s exhibition titled "WATERCOLOUR"

March 1981: Bálint Szombathy’s article titled "The Beginnings of Mail Art" published in Újvidék (Novi Sad) (HID, issue 3, vol. XLV)

21 July-20 August 1981: Újpest Mini Gallery, Budapest: (APS no. 7) "ART+ POST / Művészet és Posta": Artpool’s first "Hungarian mail art" exhibition organised from mail art works by 86 Hungarian artists as well as the invitations of 36 cultural institutions and other mail art works, object works, book works and sound works

17-() November 1981: Újpest Mini Gallery, Budapest: exhibition and assembling titled Hommage à Tatlin - "THE TOWER" with 25 participants, organised by Róbert Swierkiewicz

16 December 1981-10 January 1982: Helikon Gallery, Budapest: (APS no. 8) "ART-UMBRELLA-POSTCARD-SHOW" organised as part of the postcard exhibition titled "Christmas and New Year" with the participation of 33 Hungarian artists; a small book work catalogue is also made for the project (organised by Galántai-Artpool)

9 February 1982: Cultural Centre of the Post, Budapest: "Table actions in the Post Club" – an INDIGO event

26 February 1982: Young Artists’ Club, Budapest: (APS no. 11) “EVERYBODY WITH ANYBODY”, ALTERABLE STAMP CONNECTIONS, STAMPED IMAGES" correspondence art project; Artist’s rubber stamps competition, rubber stamp action and an exhibition from the works made there; the exhibited works are authenticated by Ko de Jonge’s (Netherlands) opening stamp designed specifically for this event

9-() March 1982: Újpest Mini Gallery, Budapest: "artist’s BOOKS" exhibition, organised by Róbert Swierkiewicz

March 1982: artist’s book publication titled "STAMP + RUBBER STAMP"; Artpool’s "surprise" for 22 Hungarian artists who participate in both Artpool projects ongoing at the time

6-25 April 1982: Fészek (Nest) Gallery, Budapest: "WORLD ART POST" (APS no. 6) international artistamp exhibition. 550 artists from 35 countries responded to the call; nearly 2,000 works are sent; The World Art Post anthology catalogue published by Artpool cointains English essays (Peter Frank, E. F. Higgins, László Beke, Anna Wessely, Rudolf), abibliography of artistamps as well as stamp works designed for the exhibition on collective stampsheets; the Hungarian translations can be read in a supplement.

2 p.m. – 8 p.m. 15 April 1982: Fészek (Nest) Club, Main Hall, Budapest: (APS no. 10): slide show about the application of mail art titled "PICTURE WITHIN A PICTURE" with three projectors in a mail art musical environment – a “joint event” of the Artpool slide bank, stamp, postcard and envelope collection as well as its sound archive

23- ? April 1982: Újpest Mini Gallery, Budapest: "Nature, Geometry, Mystery" mail art exhibition with 76 participants, organised by András Lengyel

2-() June 1982: Újpest Mini Gallery, Budapest: "VÍSION-VAULT" mail art exhibition

9-(30) May 1982: Pesterzsébet Museum, Budapest: "HUMAN EXPERIMENTS" international mail art exhibition, organised by XERTOX /banned/

14 June-31-July 1982: "ARTPOOL’S ART TOUR" – Artpool’s art tour project, a tour of six countries in Europe; personal meetings with networkers known from the network, exchanges of ideas and publications, collecting documents and addresses, making photography and sound documents, as well as communication by post; the tour is recorded on an audio cassette and a stamp sheet

1982-1988: "BUDA RAY UNIVERSITY / Budai Fénysugár Egyetem" – an Artppol project lasting many years built on the correspondence between György Galántai and Ray Johnson (USA); a visual-communication network using and further developing R. J.’s visual works and letters; the exhibitions organised from the continuously growing material are called "ARTPOOL’S RAY JOHNSON SPACE"-s.

17- ? September 1982: Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest: mail art works with the title “Studio-test” included in Róbert Swierkiewicz’s exhibition material

autumn 1982: establishment of the “Cloud Museum by András Lengyel; this cloud art research centre worked very actively until 1986, and from 1993 it has preserved thousands of works by c. 3-400 artists

12 October-1 November 1982: Bercsényi 28-30, Budapest: "HUMAN EXPERIMENTS" international mail art exhibition with 76 participants, organised by XERTOX

11 November-15 December 1982: Újpest Mini Gallery, Budapest: "ELDORADO" mail art exhibition, organised by István Szirányi

January 1983: György Galántai makes a stamp sheet after his iron sculptures and uses it together with the rubber stamp adaptations of some of his sculptures in his mail works.

26 January 1983: Cultural Centre of the Post, Budapest – a collective systematic painting is created during the INDIGO group’s "Topical Fine Art Action

1983-1985:"AL" (Actual/Alternative/Artpool/Letter), issues 1-11, photocopy, in 3-400 copies, samizdat art magazine with supplements published about the ongoing Hungarian and foreign underground culture; numbered and signed, authenticated by the stamp "G. GALÁNTAI - SELF CONTROL"

1983-1987: Artpool Radio, audio cassette edition, Nos 1-8 – from mail art sound works and cooperative audio footage

7 p.m.-11 p.m. 15 April 1983: Artpool Studio, Budapest: (APS no. 12) "KONCERT ÜBER TELEFON / Budapest-Bécs-Berlin telephone concert" – a three-hour live telephone broadcast organised by the Vienna-based Bob Adrian and Helmut Mark; Hungarian participation coordinated by Artpool; the event is document by a publication and Artpool Radio cassette no. 3.

19- ? May 1983: Bercsényi 28-30, Budapest: mail art poster exhibition, organised by XERTOX

20 May-12 June 1983: lecture hall of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest: exhibition of works from the INDIGO Group’s drawing course of 1982-83

22- ? May 1983: Young Artists’ Club, Budapest: Morandi-Xertox mail art exhibition, mailt art performances by Emilio Morandi (Italy) and the Xertox Group at the opening ceremony; organised by XERTOX

June 1983: Iron Sculptor Artists’ Colony, Dunaújváros, György Galántai completes his first interactive sound sculpture inspired by mail art, titled "WORLD IN MOTION".

July 1983: "STAMP FILM, (Béla Balázs Studio, Budapest, 1982-1983), 16 mm, b&w, 36 mins, directed by György Galántai – film adaptation of Artpool’s "World Art Post" artistamp project using an accidental montage technique based on the order in which artistamps arrived to the call; sound track made from the sound works of the artists who are also featured in the film

6 December 1983: Bercsényi Club, Budapest: exhibition titled "The Avant-garde Is Dead"

27 January 1984: Young Artists’ Club, Budapest: (APS no. 13) "HUNGARY CAN BE YOURS!/ International Hungary" - exhibition with the participation of 46 Hungarian and 58 foreign artists from 18 countries. Artpool Radio 6 presents its broadcast on the theme "Hungary" at the opening. /The exhibition is banned by the authorities./ The exhibition catalogue is issue 52 of the international mail art periodical Commonpress titled “Hungary”, edited by Artpool; because of the ban the issue is only printed in 1989

5 March 1984: Kossuth Club, Budapest: "DEMOCRATIC PAINTING" – Miklós Erdély’s lecture and action during which he paints a picture according to the votes of the public; participants: Ákos Birkás and Lóránd Hegyi

30- ? March 1984: Liget (City Park) Gallery, Budapest: "The Picture between Practical Art and Technology" mail art exhibition organised from the Xerox collection of Róbert Swierkiewicz

10- ? April 1984: Bercsényi Club, Budapest: mail art exhibition titled "Smile" organised by XERTOX

14-28 September 1984: Young Artists’ Club, Budapest: international "mail art" exhibition 1984 - a juried exhibition going against the democratic approach of classical mail art shows, hence inviting antipathy in mail art circles; organised by Antal Vásárhelyi

9-14 November 1984: Almási Square Leisure Center, Budapest: György Galántai’s" interactive musical space inspired by mail art, titled "BLACK ROOM" at the Planum 84" minimal music festival

13 June 1985: Uitz Hall, Dunaújváros: audience improvisation on György Galántai’s 9 new acoustic interactive sculptures

15 november-6 December 1985: Liget (City Park) Gallery, Budapest: "Day-art" mail art exhibition with 102 participants; organised by Tamás Soós

8- ? February 1986: (planned date) - Faculty of Humanities of JATE University, Szeged: exhibition at 8:15. Mail art exhibition with the theme "Work", organised by szervező: ZoltánSzegi Amondó

29 March 1986: Gallery 11, Budapest. "Sleep and Death" assembling with 31 participants, organised by Tibor Várnagy

3 May 1986-1 April 1987: 3 Kavics Street, district 2 Budapest: "Plato’s Cave" cooperative project of the Deputy Thirsty and the Exhange Series International Philological Art Forward School, organised by Talán Sebeő

14 July-10 August 1986: Óbuda Cellar Gallery, Budapest: Viktor Lois’ exhibition titled "New Hungarian Vehicle Programme in the wake of Technical Progress – underground vehicle showroom”; test drive on the vehicles on 10 August

21-28 September 1986: Caserme Rosse, Bologna: "D’ART ROOM" European Festival of new sites of the arts, ARTPOOL’S RAY JOHNSON SPACE with 56 participants

30- ? November 1986: Sárospatak Gallery, Sárospatak, "Revelation" mail art exhibition, organised by XERTOX

28 January 1987: the police confiscate 41 works sent to the international call of the Inconnu Group, the ABC Publisher and the periodical titled Speaker announced for the exhibition "Harcoló város / The Fighting City" commemorating the 30th anniversary of the revolution of 1956; the organisors planned to auction off these works and donate the proceeds to SZETA (Foundation to Support the Poor); these works were not returned by the authorities even after the change in the political system.

1987: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, THE WORKS, Mail Art Exhibition, ARTPOOL’S RAY JOHNSON SPACE with 150 participants

1987: Károly Teszársz Vasas Art Ensemble and Youth Centre, Budapest: "WHEN KASSÁK IS SOMEONE ELSE", 165 participants; organised by József Juhász and Tivadar Krausz

29 May-25 September 1987: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest: exhibition organised from Artpool’s artistamp collection titled “STAMP IMAGES” as part of the "Contemporary art in Private Collections" series; curated by Judit Geskó, catalogue text written by Géza Perneczky

13-24 June 1987: Liget (City Park) Gallery, Budapest: "ENVELOPES" – the first exhibition of Artpool’s envelope collection (101 participants from 22 countries)

1-14 august 1987: Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, Eire, Ireland: ARTPOOL’S RAY JOHNSON SPACE organised as part of "Ireland’s first international Mail-Art exhibition" from works by 154 participants

10- ? August 1987: Miskolc Gallery, Miskolc: "Revelation" mail art exhibition, organised by XERTOX

28 August 1987: Artists’ Colony Gallery, Szentendre: the audience first plays on the instrument sculptures of Viktor Lois (smile washing artist) at the "SMILING INSTRUMENTS" exhibition

3 September 1987: Kunsthalle, Budapest: István haraszti’s kinetic stamoing action titled "I CERTIFY THAT S/HE WAITED FOR THE STAMP" organised as part of the Small Sculpture Biennale

18 October-7 December 1987: King Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár: "...A surprise ...for our readers!" international artist’s book exhibition

7 p.m. 30 October 1987: Young Artists’ Club, Budapest: Artpool’s guest: GUY SCHRAENEN (Belgium) – exhibition, lecture, video show about the "Archives for Small Press & Communication" / Művészeti Kiadványok és Kapcsolatok Archívum, and using mail art materials

1-30 November 1987: STREET GALLERY, Szombathely: ARTPOOL’S RAY JOHNSON SPACE dedicated to Ray Johnson’s 60th and Marcel Duchamp’s 100th birthday (176 participants)

11 December 1987: ELTE Department of Aesthetics, Budapest: "MARCEL DUCHAMP SYMPOSIUM", meeting to commemorate Marcel Duchamp’s 100th birthday; international mail art exhibition “IN THE SPIRIT OF MARCEL DUCHAMP" as part of the symposium with the participation of 54 artists from 15 countries

13-16 December 1987: LIGET (CITY PARK) GALLERY, Budapest: ARTPOOL’S RAY JOHNSON SPACE exhibition titled "IN THE SPIRIT OF M.D." (176 participants)

1987: Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest: Hungarian visual poetry exhibition titled "VISUAL POETRY/POETIC IMAGE", directed by József Ladányi

16 April 1988: Club MM, Almási Square, Budapest. - "INTERMÁMOR 88" musalliance transactiviste international sound poetry festival organised by Endre Szkárosi

June-July 1988: Burg Jansenplein, Hengelo, the Netherlands: ARTPOOL’S RAY JOHNSON SPACE (200 participants) organised as part of the "CONTAINER CON AMORE" mail art exhibition

1988: Bercsényi Klub, Budapest, "Homage a Joseph Beuys"
17-19 June 1988: STUDIO ERTÉ, Érsekújvár, Slovákia: ARTPOOL’S RAY JOHNSON SPACE (211 participants) at the "Experimental Art and Literature Festival”

24-30 July 1988: Tarascon, France: ARTPOOL’S RAY JOHNSON SPACE (228 participants) at the "5e échanges internationaux de poesie contemporaine"

2 February-2 April 1989: Gyula Hincz Permanent Collection, Vác, Hungary. ARTPOOL’S RAY JOHNSON SPACE (272 participants)

10 June-23 July 1989: Fejér County Cultural Centre Exhibition Hall, Székesfehérvár: ARTPOOL’S RAY JOHNSON SPACE (316 participants) "International Correspondence Art, exhibition titled Five letters by Ray Johnson - one of the most comprehensive exhibitions of Artpool’s "Buda Ray University" project directed by László Háden and opened by Gábor Pataki

summer 1989-1994: Greek Catholic Church, Vác: "EXPANSION" here and now avant-garde weekend festival, organised by József Bárdosi

11-14 July 1989: Dániel Berzsenyi Teacher Training College, Szombathely Gallery, Szombathely: "FREE SPACE" Hungarian Workshop meeting and exhibition with 50 participants

10-20 September 1989: Amsterdam, the Netherlands: ARTPOOL’S RAY JOHNSON SPACE (272 participants) organised as part of the "Europe Against the Current alternative cultural festival; Artpool’s stand with mail art publications at the art market of the festival (publications exchange, networking)

9-21 December 1989: Young Artists’ Club, Budapest: "RECONSTRUCTION OF A BANNED Exhibition" – reorganization of the exhibition titled "Hungary Can Be Yours!" banned in 1984

1989: Canadian artist and philatelist Michael Bidner (1944) dies of AIDS; he had one of the world’s largest artistamp collection, which he bestowed upon Artpool in his last will and testament; the collection arrived in Budapest in 1992.

Compiled from Artpool’s documentation by György Galántai in 1998. Please refer to the source if you use any part of this text.

(English translation: Krisztina Sarkady, 2016)

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